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Lutins Trail – Chantemerle:
On the stump of a fallen tree, we can see concentric rings, each representing a year of growth. Wood grouse (also known as Capercailie or Heather cock) are sensitive birds taht need a protected environment to survive. What animals eat the cones ? Take the family on the “Lutins” Trail and explore the mountain environment! This easy trail is fun and educatical with information boards all the way along.
>> Top of Ratier gondola – Return tripe – Length: 1,8 km – Time: 1h30

Crête des Lauzières – Monêtier:
Enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery, the dazzling colours of the larch trees on the “Crêtes des Lauzières” trail. With a little luck you may spot deer, grouse or marmots. All along the path, information boards help you understand the landscape around you. From the top of the ridge you have a beautiful view of the village of Monêtier and the whole of the Guisane valley. It is worth the walk as a dazzling panorama of the surrounding mountains of Ecrins National Parks awaits you!
>> Top of Bachas chairlift – Return trip – Length: 2,2 km – Time: 1h30

Altitude trails

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